Monday, October 29, 2007

You're Rrrrrr....rrrrrr...rrright.

Phew, that's tough to say. What's even harder is "I was wrrrrrr..." Oh, you get the picture. In this case, I wasn't entirely wrong. I mean, how can fiscal responsibility be wrong?

When my hubby suggested that I buy a new car several months ago, I did the fiscally responsible thing and said no. After all, my car is only 5 years old and has logged 60k miles. In my family, that car would be considered practically new. Or at least only half way through it's lifespan. So even though I could already catch a whiff of that new car smell, I resisted.

That was 3 months and about five grand ago. The car has been in the shop no less than four separate occasions most of which were for several days. Lemme tell ya, I have definitely milked that power train warranty for all it's worth. But between the deductible and other non-covered expenses, keeping this car has not turned out to be a fiscally responsible as I thought it would be.

Now to be fair, I did try to buy a new car. The hybrid I want is extinct. How can a brand new car be extinct? Don't ask me. Ask the rocket scientists at Toyota. If I produced a high-demand product and ran out of supply half way through the year, I would be fired. (Well maybe not fired but I would at least receive some sort of written disciplinary action.) In this case, Toyota "re-designed" this vehicle and was trying to sell down the old model to make way for the new which was promised to be released in the fall. Okay, I get it, that makes sense. But the new model has now been delayed several times leaving them out of stock in the hybrid model for months. At this rate, I'm will have spent so much money trying to keep my old car running that I could have just splurged for the luxury hybrid instead. Maybe I should as it appears that my car is not yet done sucking my bank account dry.

I just got the car out of the shop yet again. A few days later, a friend who knew I had been looking asked when I was getting a new car. With a deep sigh, I responded "soon." Then I got in my car, turned the key and boom, on came the "check engine" light. Like a little yellow neon sign flashing "I'm not done with you yet Harris." This has happened so many times that the dealer just tells me to drive it for a few days to see if it will turn off on it's own. What is the point of this light if it turns on and off for no reason? I HATE THIS CAR. Now, on top of everything else, I can't get rid of it until that silly light turns off. I think it's on to my plan...

So as you can plainly see, I wasn't wrong per se. My hubby just had uncanny timing. Which makes him a little more right than I was. Or something. I dunno know.


LCM October 29, 2007 at 5:35 PM  

You have a Dodge, right? Don't get me started on those, if you have something else, ignore this rant. We had a Stratus for about 6 years. The head on it cracked twice, that was $1500 a pop and an oxygen sensor died at $200...for a sensor?
Now we are currently hunting for a car for hubby and there are Dodges a plenty...but no dice for us!

Anonymous October 29, 2007 at 5:41 PM  

Oh Lori! I've lived that car nightmare in the past. It's such a stomach churning thought when you have to fork out thousands of dollars for something you know you need but would rather not have to buy because, let's face it, what it costs is close to a down payment on a new house! (I was a bit of a weenie when we bought the van...I still cringe when I think of what I spent on it! But, I love every inch of my spacious "luxury child carrier"!)

I sure hope you get your hybrid. That's our plan, also! I've heard great things about the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. 29 MPG for an SUV is pretty good!

You are so funny, my friend. Having to tell your other half that they are right is not easy when you want to be TOTALLY right. I can see myself having the same conversation with Josh...I think it's the "liberated woman" in all of us.

Happy car hunting! I sure hope that "check engine" light goes off. Technology...hmph!


Anonymous October 29, 2007 at 7:44 PM  

yay for a new car!!! i want a hybrid too... but i have a feeling i'll be driving the vibe for another 15 years... until it completely falls apart. but, since it's reaching its 5 year birthday... i'm pretty sure my luck will go somewhat like yours! i hope not... knocking on wood as i type this!! love you... can't wait to ride in your new car and partay in your newly remodeled hiz-ouse!!! -Becci :)

celestemc October 29, 2007 at 11:08 PM  

Isn't that crazy?? I hate when we try and be "responsible grownups" and it just blows up in our face.


From now on I refuse! (just kidding, but it sure is tempting!) I hope you get your hybrid soon! I'd love one, but don't think it could pull our trailer... but that gas milage is sure something to be desired!

Sister of Me October 30, 2007 at 9:00 AM  

cars are a necessary evil in my opinion.....
give up and buy the luxury hybrid (you know how I love my luxury non-hybrid that is very similar!)

Sister of Me October 30, 2007 at 9:01 AM  

crappy american car.

okay, got that out of my system.

(i'm not saying ALL american cars are crappy, just that most seem to not work after a year)

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