Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Call

We got The Call!  Yes, that one!  The one we've been praying about for a year!  A mama has selected us to parent her baby girl due in January!!  If my excitement hasn't oozed out of those last four sentences then I clearly haven't used enough exclamation points.  Because!  I!  Am!  SO!  Excited!!!!!! 

Honestly?  We'd almost forgotten that we were waiting.  That's not entirely accurate.  I remembered everyday but the anticipation had wavered from a kid on Christmas Eve to a kid on the day after Christmas.  I guess it started to seem like it would never happen.  We had even begun talking about how long we would stay in the pool.  Others have certainly waited much longer so I know that may sound ridiculous.  But perhaps we were supposed to be content with our two kiddos.  So I had simply been petitioning God to make His will clear.  Talk about an answered prayer!

The story of The Call probably best describes the evolution of the year.  When we first entered the pool, every ring of the phone made me jump.  If my cell rang with a number I wasn't familiar with, I would dash out of a meeting to answer it.  I was that preoccupied with The Call and that sure that things would happen quickly like they had with our prior two adoptions.  Fast forward a year and I'm lounging on the couch during Ian's nap when the phone rings.  The caller ID says it's an unknown number so I let it go to voicemail, irritated that Ian might be awakened.  There was no message and then the phone rang again with the same unknown number.  Again, I let it go to voicemail but this time they left a message.  I ran across the room and grabbed the phone by the time she managed to get out "Hi, this is xxx from OAFS, I have a situation that I would like to talk to you about..." 

We are so eager to meet this family next week for the first of two planning sessions.  I am very aware that this is only the start of our journey.  But I believe that every child deserves to be eagerly anticipated so I'm giving my heart over to this completely.  If we don't end up becoming her parents, I will grieve that loss but there is no use borrowing tomorrow's pain.  For today, I am savoring the possibility of what lies ahead.

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