Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Looking Fine

Well, I forwarded the "zen garden" picture to our counselor for approval. Her overwhelming response was "I think the picture looks fine." Ahhhhh, such enthusiasm! Um, does she not realize that we spent hours wandering around campus looking for the perfect location? And then we conducted an online poll to select the perfect shot? And what do I get after all that? "I think the picture looks fine." Oh well, she looks a dozens of these photos every year so I suppose I can't expect her to do back flips.

We're still tracking toward the home visit on the 25th. I'm beginning to resign myself to the reality that our house will be only semi-complete. For example, the bathroom will be tiled but there will be no shower door yet. And the counter tops will be in but not the back splash. That kind of thing. Our counselor said that would be fine but I like things to be just so. Oh well, she'll see the finished product at the 2nd home visit.

Speaking of which, here's a quick outline of the rest of the process.

  • Home visit on the 25th.
  • An individual meeting with the counselor for both of us.
  • Another home visit.
  • Wait for profile to be completed.

Basically being "in the pool" means that our letter and profile are being presented to birthfamilies. That's also the point at which every ring of the phone stops my heart. When I got the call that Lillian's birthmom had selected us, I was merging from one highway to another with my mom and sister in the car. It was a bit of a miracle that I managed to answer the phone, change lanes and write down the relevant info without crashing the car. You know, I think cars should come with reader boards for such an occasion. I should push a button and a sign should pop up on the roof that says "It's THE call." Then all the other cars should just move out of my way allowing for any appropriate reckless maneuvers on my part. Or I could just pull over next time. Or tell them I call back in a minute. Nah, I like the sign idea.


The Tucson Gang September 11, 2007 at 2:09 PM  

OH...so close...to being in the pool! Your house will be fine for the first home visit...no worries! If the agency isn't worried, you shouldn't be either. Give yourself a break! I am excited for these next phase of the remodel to end and the pool phase to begin! (like you're not!!! :-) ) Remind me to tell you about my discussion w/Jack regarding the adoption process. He just didn't understand why you don't go to the baby store and pick one out. Ahhhh...the innocence. :-)

Hang in there...

emily peterson September 11, 2007 at 11:04 PM  

Hi Lori
My name is Emily Peterson and I've been going to your blogs a lot but just never signed til now!
I think I've learned of your blogs through either Robyn or Celeste...though I am so bad at computers that I didn't know how to get from "The Next Chapter" to "Our Road to Parenthood". I just figured it out like 5 minutes ago so thought I'd just say hi! :)
Anyways, I'll be praying for smooth sailing regarding the adoption and that you won't be too nervous!
Love, Emily

Krissy Keelan September 24, 2007 at 1:42 AM  

1 more day! You must be so excited...or maybe scared...maybe anxious...
It'll go great. Don't worry about it. You guys are great, how can they not love you and love the remodel.
Thanks for stopping by to see McKayla. Too bad she was sleeping. One of these days we'll have good timing on both our parts, don't know when, but it's gotta happen some time, right?

Anonymous September 24, 2007 at 7:34 AM  

Anxiously awaiting to hear news about the remodel and the home visit! Hope things are going well. Beth

Anonymous September 24, 2007 at 4:51 PM  

Only one more day to go! Hope the home visit goes great!! I'm sure it will.

Sarah W

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