Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hippy No More

There is a certain amount of baggage that comes with buying a hybrid. Granted it's a lovely matched set of recycled bags in the most adorable shade of green. But it's baggage nonetheless. I'm not sure whether this baggage is thrust upon you by the watchful eyes of strangers or more self-imposed. All I know is suddenly, it doesn't feel right to defile this fuel-efficient car with a pile of plastic grocery bags filled with Twinkies, Cheetoes and Pepsi. No, a HYBRID demands organic food purchased from local farmers transported in reusable canvas totes.

Add to that the expected lifestyle that accompanies a vegetarian diet and you're an honorary citizen of hippy-dippy land. Which, coincidentally, looks a lot like Portland.

Never has this bent been more clear than when I recommended Jojoba Oil to a mom complaining about her son's rash. JOJOBA OIL. Next I'll be advising you about the position of the moon in relation to Jupiter and how to make your own guano facial. But seriously, jojoba oil is awesome stuff. Try it.

So what's a hybrid-driving-vegetarian-girl to do when she buys not one but two bags of expensive, organic, sulfite-free dried apricots only to discover that she must enjoy the taste of sulfites because these are NASTY?! Well, this hybrid-driving-vegetarian-girl will happily relinquish her hippy membership for some good ole fashioned sulfur-laced dried apricots. Mmmmmm, tasty, tasty sulfur.


Maverick's Momma July 1, 2008 at 9:33 PM  

They have the bird poop facial at a Japanese spa in santa fe, new mexico as well (Ten Thousand Waves). Megan and I were there many moons (jupiters?) ago. I can't remember if perhaps Megan might have garnered the courage to try it. I do know that if you want to up your crunchy factor, a visit to a spa (any spa) in santa fe, new mexico should do the trick.

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