Monday, June 30, 2008

New People

I am working on a project for the group that manages our kids business at work. As I was talking to the leader of the group, she asked if I had kids. I answered "yes." She asked if they were young kids. I answered "yes." Thinking I was off the hook for further explanations, we continued the discussion. But later as I was trying to explain an experience with a particular product, I ended up mentioning that my daughter would have been almost 4. Then I gave a brief explanation that was initially met with a simple "I'm sorry." The traditional response. So I continued to talk about this product we used and then bam, she started crying and apologizing. She has three kids and cannot imagine... I know. It's best if you don't imagine this scenario. Trust me. I didn't know how else to respond other than some stale platitudes.

"It's been a rough year."
"Thank you."
"We miss her terribly."

UGH. We eventually moved on but it was just one of those tough moments. Meeting new people is hard.


Anonymous June 30, 2008 at 1:34 PM  


I am sitting here at my desk eating my lunch and reading blogs. I know this must have just happened and it makes for a rocky morning. Hope your afternoon is much better!



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