Sunday, April 22, 2007

Balancing Act

Well, it's time to go back to work. There is only so long that a person can sit around doing nothing. Especially if that someone is me. As a self-diagnosed workaholic, I tried to strike a balance between work and life after Lillian was born. And I think I was pretty successful. Now that I don't have someone waiting at home for me to give them a bath (no offense to Jeff but he can draw his own bath if he wants one), it would be easy to jump back into corporate life in the old routine working dawn to dusk. But I have a new philosophy. A life-changing, earth-shattering philosophy. The kind you could write a "in-just-three-easy-steps" kind of self-help book about and sell at least 2 copies. But for all of you, my friends, I will share it with you for FREE!

So here it is: (insert drumroll here) one day out of the blue, I left work and didn't return for 7 months. And guess what? Work kept right on going without me! In fact, the guy who covered for me is doing so well that he is going to keep going in the job and I'm coming back in an equally exciting but different role. So basically, (here it comes) I am a good way.

So what does being a good-kind-of-dispensible mean?

  • First, that my company, my manager and my co-workers are fantastic. They are supportive and generous and plain old good at what they do. For that and so much more, I will work my tail off to make them proud.

  • Second, that life keeps on going even when we pause. So though I plan to work hard, I'm also going to strive for that ever elusive balance. As I recently heard someone say, there are 24 hours in the day, claim one for yourself.

  • And finally, that there are areas where I am not dispensible (this is a critical piece to the philosophy.) I am not dispensible to my family, my friends and my faith. There will always be someone ready to step in to fill your shoes at work. Heck, even the President, the most powerful man in the world, has a line of people ready to fill in for him. But no one can be a parent to your child for you. No one can be the same kind of friend as you. And no one can secure your place in heaven but you.
And that's my new philosophy! I hope you can learn from my experience and find the balance that is right for you. Cause you too are a good way.


Anonymous April 26, 2007 at 9:37 PM  


So true! I am just beginning to realize that I too am dispensable. As I am frantically trying to get 40 hours of paperwork done in less than 8 hours :) I am having to sit back and have others do my old clinical work. It is hard to believe I am walking away from such an amazing place for 3 years (okay really 4 months since I am covering in August). But life does go on without us! That thought just scares me to death, but I too have to let go of the control. You made a very nice point that brings me back to why this move is such a good thing for me. I have not had any time for my kids and husband (and me) with work and other family stuff going on. So now I have time to focus on the things that matter most (my immediate family and my faith). I will be far away from the other top things in my life (extended family & friends). Without the other stresses in my life hopefully even with the distance I will be able to stay connected or reconnect with others that matter. It is so easy to get caught up in the fast pace of living to stop and remember those things that matter most!! Brings me back to the Chris Rice song that you ABSOLUTELY got me hooked on a few months ago about how are you going to spend your time! Thanks for all your wonderful insight.

It is good to hear you are going back to work. I was wondering when you were going back to work today when I spent a quick 20 minutes in the Nike Employee Store between appointments and before going to work. Keep writing the wonderful blog entries. They not only keep me entertained, but keep me thinking about what is important in life! Back to writing more reports while the kids sleep :)


Jennifer April 26, 2007 at 10:32 PM  

Your friendship IS indispensable! I am starting to learn that life goes on without me too and that it's okay to give the keys to the bus to someone else once in a while. Thank you for verbalizing it so perfectly (and for free no less!) You are truly an inspiration to me...I'm a better wife, mother and follower of Christ because of the impact you have had on my life.

The Tucson Gang April 28, 2007 at 10:31 PM  

Lori - It is so true...difficult to admit sometimes, but true. It is important to take the time to smell the roses, toss a rock into the stream and just enjoy life. Thanks for reminding me what is truly important in this's not the rat race of work, work, work, but it's the lives you touch, the people (big and small) that you influence in someway, it's taking a moment for yourself. I hope that you enjoy your new position and find a little time for yourself!

Virginia November 10, 2008 at 4:56 AM  

You write very well.

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