Monday, April 20, 2009

Not sure how this could possibly be useful but... brain works in stories.

Let me give you an example. Yesterday, I was trying desperately to enjoy the elusive spring sun. While Ian was napping, I curled up in a recliner conveniently located under some well-positioned skylights and soaked up the warm rays. It was heavenly. After the kiddo woke up and had some lunch, I thought we'd take this another step further and actually go outside. After about 30 seconds of pushing the kiddo on the swings, I realized why I prefer the window-filtered version of the sun to the more direct contact. (You can't get this lily-white skin without some effort at avoiding the outdoors.) As my eyes watered and my nose began to fill, I cursed my allergies and the pollen that causes them.

On the surface, this seems like a perfectly normal albeit annoying little event. But this is what went through my head.

Lori's Twisted Brain (LTB): "Hey, Sun."

(Sun looks around, pointing to himself.)

LTB: "Yeah, I'm talking to you. Dude, what is the deal with you and your party pooping pal Pollen? Do you have to bring him everywhere you go? Seriously, he's a real downer. Next time, come stag and I'll totally hook you up. You know how the girls down here worship you."

(Sun shakes his head modestly.)

LTB: "Oh whatever. You know you're hot! So come on, help a girl out and leave Pollen at home next time."

Seriously people, that is honestly what went through my head after the first sneeze. I have proof of sorts thanks to Twitter. Fortunately the 140 character limit condensed the story to this: "if only the sun would come without bringing the party pooper known as pollen. Aaahhh...ahhhh...achoo!"

The point, and I do have one, is that this little insight about my brain has led to a couple conclusions.

  1. I am often laughing alone. While that dry statistic you just uttered may not seem funny on the surface, my brain has either connected it to a whacky event or has concocted some colorful anecdote to round out your boring little fact.
  2. I can remember nearly anything told to me as a story. This is especially dangerous for those prone to drink and tell around me. Fair warning.
  3. Apparently this is not the way most brains work. Huh. Who knew?


The Tucson Gang April 21, 2009 at 6:53 PM  

I 2nd the Party Pooper Pollen comment! :-) Love the story...

Anonymous April 21, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

Hysterical!!! Be sure to share some of the other stories you play in your head! --Mom

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