Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am not a liar...anymore

Well, I guess that's not ENTIRELY true. I swung from understating the truth to overstating the truth. Let me explain. I have reached a very crucial milestone in the weight loss process. I officially weigh less than what it says on my driver's license! Wooohoooo! I may have updated my weight once since receiving the license at age 16. Maybe. And truth be told, I was probably lying when I gave them that updated weight. Probably. But all of that is in the past now. Should I get in a multiple-car pile up whereby they are using driver's licenses to identify our bruised faces, they may actually be able to pick me out of the crowd. I guess that's not as comforting as I thought it would be. Huh. Anyhoo, back to my crucial milestone.

For 2 weeks, I languished in no-weight-loss-zone. I wasn't trying that hard so it was no surprise when the scale read the same stupid weight day in and day out. But then I got my second wind and decided to kick it into high gear. I cranked up my workouts and buckled down on the food choices. As if to prove math does in fact work (calories burned > calories consumed = weight loss), the scale rewarded my diligence with a 5 lb weight loss last week! And catapulted me past my driver's license weight in one fell swoop. And put me within spitting distance of my goal weight. Which leads me to my next problem...

I selected a goal weight during the Biggest Loser contest when someone threw out the question of goals. I didn't have a number I was striving for so I just arbitrarily selected 3 digits that form a lovely round number. But now that I am just 8 lbs away from that goal, I am wondering if that is really the number for me. I'm not trying to be model-thin.* I like curves. But I would like to get rid of the back fat roll, slim my thighs and flatten my tummy a bit more. And I don't think those 3 things will happen in the next 8 lbs. Which leaves me torn.

  • Hitting this number has been a big motivator for me. I'm goal oriented (you're shocked about that revelation I'm sure). So having a goal weight to work toward has been one of the main reasons I get out of bed in the morning and stumble through a work out. Will changing the number continue to be motivating or quite the opposite?
  • It's been a great way to count down the weeks until I can finally buy new clothes. I WANT NEW CLOTHES! But would I be happier if the clothes fit better? You know, without the back roll?
  • I would like to eat a few naughty things. Things which I could balance with workouts if I was maintaining my weight. But things which would not be conducive to losing weight. I will not eat these things until I've reached my goal so don't tell me to cheat. History has proven that I do not recover well from cheating.
  • I've come this far, why not keep going? What's a few more days?...weeks?...months?...ugh.

If you can't tell, I am trying desperately to talk myself into keeping the current goal. Partly I'm sick of being so stinkin good. And partly this is one of those days when I'm just flat out hungry for no great reason. Fortunately I don't have to make the decision today. Maybe my mind will be clearer tomorrow. Maybe.

*Side note - I heard on the radio that the first plus-size model won America's Next Top Model. She is a size 10. WTSH? (what the sam hill?) If a size 10 is model-thin then count me in. But call me plus size and I'll knock your block off.


Anonymous May 28, 2008 at 6:35 PM  

I'm sorry to say but "back fat" is largely caused by your bra. Exercising will help a little, but changing your bra will help a lot. I can definitely relate to the back fat and muffin top issues. I have tried every exercise and diet, but nothing seemed to work. I then saw a TV show with the skinniest of models. To my surprise they too had back fat. Then they explained... any time you have elastic bands pushing into flesh, you will get bulges. They demonstrated by twisting a rubberband on the models wrist. That was a lightbulb moment.

Then they showed some new bras... I really liked the Unbelievabra by a new company Shapeez ( so I went online and order one. It hides all my little (and not so little) imperfections left over from having 2 kids. It provides shaping, support and lift. It is so comfortable, I have since trashed all my other bras. It is worth a try.

LCM May 29, 2008 at 6:48 AM  

OH ugh, the model thin crap. Drives me nuts, doesn't help when you are tall because I think it makes it feel more achievable. I feel your pain. I have lost some motivation to workout. But, I found some new things, the Wii fit and swimming in the pool with my girls. I have been staying at my regular weight, but I have noticed an increase in desire for trashy food! My sister's coming to live with me and she really wants to lose some weight, that should help motivate me as well.

Lori May 29, 2008 at 8:47 AM  

Dear anonymous, though I'd like to place the back-roll-blame squarely...uh roundly on the shoulders...uh band of my bra, alas the roll exists sans bra. I'm sure it is further exaserbated by the aforementioned faulty undergarment. (Or at least that is what I will choose to believe.) Thanks for the unbelievabra trip, I'll have to give it a try.

The Tucson Gang May 30, 2008 at 7:09 AM  

Wow - 8 lbs to your goal weight! You rock! Wish I had your drive! Can't wait to see the new transformed you!

Don't know what to tell you about the goal weight issues...have you tried checking your BMI to see where your goal weight falls? Underweight, normal, overweight, etc? That might be a good way to see if your goal weight is appropriate or should be adjusted.

And the Americas Top Model thing is such crap! Good for her - but a plus model is now a size 10?!?! Give me a break!

Anyway - CONGRATS on the continuing accomplishment!!!


Lori May 30, 2008 at 8:46 AM  

Thanks for the BMI link sis. Looks like I could lose 34 more pounds or gain 10 and still be within the "healthy" range. That's quite a broad range! I found another BMI calculator that takes into account your gender and frame size in addition to height. It suggests that my goal weight is on the upper end of a healthy range but I could adjust my goal down another 15 lbs for the low end of the range. Food for thought! (Pun intended)

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