Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Tuesday...

6:15am - Awoke sans alarm (man I love waking up on my own, even if it is at 6:15am)
6:17am - Working out with Jillian (of Biggest Loser fame, we're practically BFF's now)
7:00am - Weekly weigh in followed by much needed shower
7:30am - Giggle at the beautiful song Ian is singing to wake up his Daddy
7:45am - Finish packing a full change of clothes for myself and last minute supplies for Ian (I packed diapers, clothes, toys, books, bottles, formula, pacifiers, burp rags, bibs, blankets, gift for Ashley and camera the night before)
8:00am - Ian's first meal of the day is complete and he's ready to play
8:45am - Ask Jeff if he is ready to go knowing full well he's not
9:00am - Practically dancing on the ceiling to entertain Ian while Jeff finishes getting ready
9:05am - Grab the diaper bag, Ergo carrier, Ashley's gift, purse, changes of clothes for Jeff & I, coat and pictures and still manage to open the front door to find 2 doe's frolicking in our front yard
9:06am - Yell at Jeff to come quick and see the deer which somehow doesn't scare them off but does give Jeff a mini stroke
9:07am - Watching the deer, balancing the bags and trying to open the car door only to discover I left my keys in the house
9:08am - Jeff arrives at car with keys and baby in car seat seconds before I drop everything
9:10am - We hit the road as Ian sings us a little song
9:20am - Ian finally asleep
9:44am - Ian's awake and NOT happy about it
9:47am - My ear drums are bleeding and Jeff decides to turn on the radio miraculously calming Ian down
10:45am - We unknowingly pass the last known civilization we'll see for the next hour just as Ian begins to wake, again
11:00am - Jeff holds the pacifier in Ian's mouth while driving
11:10am - I hold the pacifier in Ian's mouth from the front seat silently cursing his inability to suck on a pacifier by himself
11:30am - Still looking for civilization
11:45am - Where the HECK is a FRIGGIN restaurant?!
12:00pm - Civilization, at last!!! We stop at the only restaurant in "town" to feed Ian and take a break from the car
12:30pm - Ian urps substantially on me and the restaurant carpet, fortunately the bib saved his ensemble
12:45pm - Change Ian's diaper in the back of the car and hit the road again after after deciding not to change my clothes so early in the day - there will undoubtedly be more spit up incidences and I only brought 1 change of clothes.
1:10pm - The novelty of the car has definitely worn off and Ian is ready to get out NOW
1:15pm - Arrive in LaPine and greet Ashley, her dad, her grandpa, her youth pastor, his wife & kids
1:16pm - Ian meets Ashley's grandpa and the picture taking begins
1:18pm - Ashley's turn, more pictures
1:30pm - Ashley's other grandma & grandpa arrive
1:45pm - Friends of Ashley arrive
2:00pm - Ian is ready for a nap and is letting everyone know it, I put him in the Ergo and head outside to cool him off and calm him down
2:05pm - He's asleep (praise the Lord!)
2:20pm - Hand off the sleeping star to Ashley to enjoy
2:30pm - He's awake, ugh
2:45pm - More friends of Ashley arrive
3:15pm - Ashley reluctantly hands off Ian to her Dad so that she can get ready for graduation
3:20pm - Ian's unhappy again
3:22pm - Ian gets another meal
3:45pm - More urping on Mommy, super.
4:00pm - More friends of Ashley arrive
4:30pm - Ian's birthfather's mom and brothers arrive
4:40pm - Ashley departs for graduation prep
5:15pm - I load Ian in the Ergo for another quick nap
5:45pm - Ian will not allow me to sit but I am thankful that he can get a little snooze even if I have to stand and bounce
5:50pm - He's up!
6:00pm - Another meal for Ian
6:20pm - Urp. on. mommy. again. ugh. This time he got himself really well too so...
6:22pm - Full wardrobe and diaper change for Ian
6:45pm - Off to the high school for graduation
6:50pm - Park at the ELEMENTARY school and walk to the high school
7:00pm - Ian takes in the crowd of 2000 people through opening remarks, the national anthem, 2 speeches and a slide show
7:45pm - Ian's getting restless during speech #3 so we break out the books and toys
8:10pm - Ian is D-O-N-E or at least on the edge, we make a break to the hallway and load him in the Ergo hoping he'll catch another snooze
8:15pm - Ian's out, thankfully
8:35pm - Graduation ends and the flood of people begins flowing our direction
8:45pm - We find Ashley, her family and Ian's birthfather's family for final pictures and goodbyes
9:00pm - We walk back to the car and hit the road
9:15pm - Cursing ourselves at not stopping in LaPine to feed Ian (and ourselves) as there is NOTHING around
9:30pm - Find a lit parking lot, change Ian in the back of the car and feed him as his eyes roll back in his head
9:45pm - Jeff is desperate to get a burp out of this kiddo so we can hit the road already
9:50pm - Burp accomplished, seat belts fastened, stuff is EVERYWHERE but we're off!
10:30pm - White out conditions over the pass - isn't this supposed to be JUNE?!
11:00pm - Pay $4.19 for regular unleaded.
11:30pm - My eyes keep crossing from exhaustion; Jeff is driving and existing merely on a diet of water and gum after missing the primary food exits.
12:55am - We pull in our driveway.
12:56am - Jeff unloads Ian as I ready his double swaddle
12:57am - Double swaddle installed and Ian is finally in his own crib.
1:00am - Face washed, jammies on, mommy & daddy crash in our own bed. Ahhhhhhh. (Remind me again why people stay up this late voluntarily?)

The bottom line? It was a long, hard day. But it was also a reminder of how many people love Ian. He is so blessed to have a birth family who adores him in addition to our family! It was so good to see everyone but thank God high school graduation only happens once.


Anonymous June 4, 2008 at 10:50 PM  

oh my goodness!! he is getting soooo big!!!

Emily June 4, 2008 at 10:56 PM  

Okay so I gotta say that is HILARIOUS. I had just gotten a snack and was gonna maybe watch tv or something while I ate, but decided to check your blog. Have to say, that was much more entertaining than tv. Seriously. I was laughing really hard. I loved that part where you were trying to find the restaurant. You write really well. I hope that you did manage to have a nice day though. And yep, Ian is sure loved!!!

Anonymous June 5, 2008 at 1:13 AM  

Long day, but it was worth it.
Why do some of us stay up late...we don't have to get up in the morning like you. Getting McKayla in bed before midnight has been almost impossible most of the time. She's not even 3 yet and went to bed at 1:30 am the other night. She's my little night owl. Before cancer she went to bed around 11pm, during cancer usually 2am, after cancer, anywhere between 11pm and 2am. I think she likes the special mommy and her time she gets after Quammie finally goes to sleep which could be 8pm, but ends up being 9 or 10 alot.

Anywho...I like the new haircut and it's awesome that you were able to donate it after all. The cut reminds me of another cancer mom's, Collin. She shaved hers for St Baldrick's day though so it's really short right now as it's growing back.

The Tucson Gang June 5, 2008 at 11:40 AM  

WOW! What a day! You and Jeff are amazing people, ignoring your own needs in order to allow others a special day with Ian. And, I'm sure you did all of this with smiles on your faces! Hope you all have had a chance to recover from the marathon day!

PS. Ian is looking soooo big! Can't wait...just a couple more weeks.

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